WHYY is Philadelphia's public broadcasting station, operating TV 12 and 91FM and serves southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey. The Philadelphia offices and studios are located on Independence Mall, in Philadelphia.

This planned expansion to WHYY will create a Digital Learning Laboratory, essentially a complete multi-media capture and presentation and training center.

With seating for 150, the Digital Learning Lab's studio stage differs other theater spaces in the region in the ease with which events will be captured and distributed, either live or packaged for a later date. The stage will be completely wired for the capture and distribution of content for all of WHYY's platforms: radio, analog television, digital television, satellite, Datacasting, web, and DVD. Ample wings and pre-constructed sets will make the stage a friendly environment for organizations not accustomed to staging events.

In addition to the Digital Learning Laboratory, the addition will include a Community Room and Edit rooms, a facility designed for hands on digital video and audio learning for representatives from every corner of the community.

The new lobby on Seventh Street will feature a multimedia gallery for presentation of both WHYY and community productions.

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